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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Amaral & Associates Real Estate.  It's with great pleasure that we introduce the amazing features this company has to offer.  We are not your typical brokerage and we strive for the success and growth of our REALTORS®.  

We provide a family atmosphere and everyone is an extension of our hearts, hopes and dreams!  
Our associates, administration & management are a great big family and we look forward to adding you as our newest addition.  Thank you once again for learning more about the Amaral Advantage and we hope to see you soon!

Sincerely, Michael J. Amaral
Generous Commission Split
We offer our Associates a 70/30 Commission Split without ANY extra fees
NO franchise fees, NO desk fees, NO marketing fees, NO administrative fees, NO errors & omissions fees, NO printing fees, NO coffee/water fees or ANY OTHER FEES you can think of.. It's truly a 70/30 split! 


                 Support is essential to the realization of every successful outcome ~ Jeffrey Benjamin

At Amaral & Associates Real Estate, we understand the needs of our associates and have implemented an amazing support structure for you!  Our Administration & Management team work together to ensure that you have the tools & knowledge you need to provide excellent service.  With 50+ years combined real estate experience, our support goes above & beyond! 

The Amaral Advantage provides our Associates with FREE online marketing!  Yes, that right we market You and your listings online for FREE!  Our company works diligently on a daily basis to continue to promote and help generate additional business for you!  With consumers turning to the Internet first for information these days, we advertise you on as many platforms as possible! We also offer FREE business cards, FREE for sale signs, FREE personalized Name Riders, FREE closing gifts for your clients & so much more.  What's better than FREE?  

Luxury Line


 Our Luxury Line program begin in 2016 and is designed to assist higher end luxury  homes with a step above the rest marketing program!  We take a specialized approach to market these homes which is not used in conventional real estate listings.  New marketing techniques, New sign design & more! Taking listing to the next level!


Our Company leads program was created & designed to help increase your sales and jump start your future!  We receive many Buyer & Seller leads on a daily basis which is in turn automatically distributed to our associates.  Many of our Associates have drastically increased their business and so can you!  
Short Sales
Some sellers are having a difficult time with their mortgage payments for numerous reasons.  They may think they are alone and there is NO WAY OUT!  Here at Amaral & Associates, we have an in house Short Sale Negotiator who specializes in communications with the Lender(s) to help sellers in this situation sell them home with the least amount of stress as possible.  He works diligently on each file and directly with the lender(s) to obtain specific details regarding their required forms, their process from start to finish, etc. He is in constant communication with everyone!  It's refreshing to know that our experience doesn't simply stop with "traditional" sales!

Training Division
Our Training Division is spearheaded by our Training Manager, Brian Cormier.  Often times, real estate agents, do NOT receive formal training specific to the current state of the industry, listing/selling process, legal documents, lead generating and other important aspects.  The Amaral Advantge Training program is a unique program that allows the agent to explore all aspects of the industry.  Working side by side with our excellent support team every step of the way!

Educate!   Train!   Empower! 

Bonus Incentive Plan
Our Annual Bonus Incentive Plan allows you to earn an additional bonus per transaction for every closed sales transactions.  It's like getting FREE money! Join NOW & take advantage of our additional appreciation gift.

Another way to each MORE is by Sponsoring fellow REALTORS® into Amaral & Associates Real Estate!  Earn 10% of each real estate sale your Sponsored associate closes.  There's no limit to your earning potential with sponsorships!! 

Have additional questions? Feel free to contact a member of our Manement Team
508-674-4972      OR      508-880-4905      OR      401-467-7770

Michael Amaral

Kelly Ruiz
Operations Manager

Brian Cormier
Training Manager

Debbie Warwick
Taunton Office Manager


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